Small Plates

Crab Cakes
w/ Bistro Sauce (Fried or Grilled)
Hot Wings
w/ Celery Sticks and Ranch
Queso Dip
w/ Chips...(House Made)
Crispy Chicharrones
House Fried Pork Rinds w/ Honey Red Pepper Reduction
Fried Green Tomatoes
w/ Grilled Shrimp & House Made Remoulade
Dynamite Shrimp
w/ Sweet & Spicy Sauce
Fresh Crab Claws
...Small or Large
Fried Mushrooms
w/ Horseradish Sauce
Mexicana Nachos
w/ Chili, Cheese Sauce, melted Cheddar, lettuce, tomato, black olives & jalapenos
Grits Cake
w/ 6 Gulf Shrimp blackened or sautéed. Served with citrus herb beurre blanc

Soups & Salads


Always House Made from Fresh Ingredients

Soup of the Day Ask your server for Today’s Selection$5.50
French Onion Soup Au Gratin w/ Swiss & Parmesan Cheeses (Our Original Recipe)$6.99
Texas Chili “Award Winning” ~ Topped w/ melted cheddar, surrounded w/ tortilla chips$7.99
Soup & Salad Combo A choice of French Onion Soup or Soup of the Day w/ a House Salad$9.99


Dressings: Ranch, Thousand Island, Italian, Bleu Cheese, Hot Bacon, Creole Honey Mustard, and Balsamic Vinaigrette
Low Cal: Italian, Ranch and Raspberry Vinaigrette

Crockmier Salad
Mixed Greens topped with chopped tomato, cucumber slices, sliced egg, grated Cheddar Cheese, real bacon, black olives & croutons
Grilled Chicken Salad
Mixed Salad Greens, with Grilled Chicken Breast, tomato and egg wedges, cucumber slices, grated Cheddar Cheese and black olives.
Spinach Salad
Fresh spinach leaves, mushroom slices, egg, real bacon & Parmesan Cheese. Hot Bacon Dressing recommended
T. P.’s Cobb Salad
Fresh greens topped w/Grilled Chicken Breast, chopped tomato, cucumber, egg, bacon, grated Cheddar & Feta Cheeses, mushrooms and black olives.
Chicken Salad House Made for over 40 years!!!
Served on top of a toasted English Muffin with tomato wedges, sliced egg, cucumber slices and topped with toasted almonds.
Add House Made Soup of the Day$4.99
Add House Made French Onion Soup$5.50

Hand Crafted Burgers

Fresh Lean Chuck. Hand-formed and grilled to your specifications. Served on a buttered Briouche bun with leaf lettuce, red onion and tomato slices. Served with Pub Fries, Potato Salad or Cole Slaw
Substitute: Baked Potato or Onion Rings~Add $.75Add: Cheddar, Swiss or Monterey Jack~$1.00
T.P. Cheddar Burger$10.99
Teriyaki Burger
Topped with House Made Teriyaki Sauce
Western Burger
with bacon slices and melted Cheddar Cheese
Hickory Burger
with Canadian Bacon slice, grated Cheddar Cheese and Hickory Sauce
Patty Melt
with sautéed mushrooms, onions, & melted Monterey Jack on toasted Rye
Chili Cheeseburger
with House Made Chili and two slices of melted Cheddar
Mushroom & Swiss Burger
with sautéed fresh mushrooms, onions and Swiss Cheese
Conecuh Burger
Lean char-grilled patty stuffed w/ Conecuh Sausage
Black Bean Burger
100% Vegetarian Southwestern Style made with Black Beans, green and red peppers

Artisan Sandwiches

Monte Cristo
Our famous sandwich filled with lean ham, turkey and melted Swiss Cheese, batter dipped and grilled. Served with our House Made Honey Mustard Sauce.
Chicken Salad Club
Our House Made Chicken Salad with Swiss Cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato slices on Rye, Wheat, Texas Toast or Sourdough.
Super Chicken
Grilled or specially battered fried Chicken Breast, topped with melted Monterey Jack Cheese, bacon, leaf lettuce and tomato on a Briouche bun.
Ranch Chicken Wrap
Chipotle Tortilla filled with Chicken Tenders (fried or grilled) with bacon, Cheddar Cheese, leaf lettuce, chopped tomato and House Made Ranch.
Rib-Eye Steak Sandwich
Grilled and topped with sautéed onions and peppers, leaf lettuce and tomato slices. Served on Authentic New Orleans French Bread.
Crockmier's Classic Club
Triple Decker Club w/lean ham, turkey,
melted Swiss Cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato,
on Rye, Wheat, Texas Toast or Sourdough.
New Orleans Roast Beef Debris Po-boy
Slow roasted Roast Beef with Debris Gravy, topped with mayo, chopped lettuce and tomato slices, on Authentic New Orleans Po-boy Bread.
Grilled Philly
Chopped Sirloin, with Monterey Jack Cheese,
peppers and onions on Authentic New Orleans
Po-boy Bread.
Grilled Reuben
Fresh lean Corned Beef served on toasted Rye
with Swiss Cheese, fresh sauerkraut, 1000 Island Dressing and a kosher dill pickle wedge.
Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Southern Style deep fried Chicken Breast
w/ Alabama White Sauce, bacon and served on buttered Texas Toast.

Chicken & Steak


Add Side Salad: $3.99 | Baked Potatoes Available after 5 p.m.

Chicken Fingers
Specially battered skinless breast strips, deep-fried and served with our House Made Honey Mustard Sauce and Pub Fries.
Chicken Teriyaki
A whole boneless breast of chicken, char-grilled and basted with our House Made Teriyaki Sauce, topped with a grilled pineapple ring and served over seasoned rice and broccoli
Caribbean Jerk Chicken
A whole boneless breast of chicken, chargrilled and served over seasoned rice and broccoli.
Chicken Marsala
Topped with mushrooms and our Marsala Wine Sauce. Served with whipped red potatoes and broccoli.
Jambalaya Pasta
Chicken Breast and Conecuh Sausage sautéed with onions and peppers and tossed in a Cajun Vin Blanc & finished with Parmesan.
Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Breast grilled with onions and bell pepper strips topped with fresh chopped tomato. Served with warm flour tortillas, salsa, guacamole, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Choice Steak

Served with a House Salad

12 oz. Hand Cut Rib-Eye
Charbroiled and served with whipped red potatoes, broccoli or roasted brussel sprouts.
Add 6 Grilled Shrimp$6.99


Taste the difference in Alabama Wild Caught Fresh Seafood!!!
Baked Potato (after 5pm), Tarter Sauce and Homemade Cocktail or Bistro Sauce.
Crab Claw Platter
A generous ½ lb. portion of fresh specially battered, seasoned and deep fried Local Claws w/ Slaw and Fries
Seafood Plattr
Fresh Local Shrimp, Oysters, Catfish Specially battered, seasoned and deep fried to a golden brown. Served with Coleslaw and Fries.
Shrimp Platter
One Dozen Fresh Local Shrimp. Specially battered, seasoned and deep fried. Served with Slaw and Fries.
Mahi Mahi
Grilled or Blackened with choice of 2 sides.
Crabmeat Broil
Two English Muffins, sliced tomato, topped with mounds of fresh dark crabmeat, cheese sauce and Cheddar Cheese, broiled until bubbling hot with a House Salad.
Triple Crab Dinner
Two Fried Crab Cakes topped with a locally caught fried Soft Shell Crab and Fresh Local Claw Meat, painted with our special Bistro Sauce with a House Salad.
Louisiana Barbecue Shrimp
Sautéed in our special Creole Seasoned Butter Sauce with French Bread for dipping with a House Salad.
Oyster Platter
One Dozen Fresh Local Oysters, cornmeal battered & deep fried with Coleslaw and Fries.
Catfish Platter
Catfish filets specially seasoned, battered & deep fried, “Southern Style.” Served w/ Slaw & Fries.
Shrimp & Grits
A Classic Southern Favorite! Grilled Shrimp on a bed of stoned ground grits and topped with a Creole Cream Sauce.
Soft Shell Crab Dinner
A pair of wild caught Soft Shell Crabs. Specially
battered and deep fried with Steak Fries and Coleslaw.
Shrimp Po-Boy
Local wild caught Shrimp, battered & deep fried & heaped on a buttered New Orleans French Roll. Served with Coleslaw and Fries.
Oyster Po-Boy
Fresh Local Oysters, cornmeal battered, deep fried & heaped on French Bread. Served with Slaw & Fries.
Shrimp Oliver
Fresh Gulf Shrimp, sautéed in a Garlic Butter White Wine Sauce and served over a bed of Pasta.
Chef's Fresh Catch of the Day
Ask your Server for details. Subject to Availability

Kid's Menu


Seasoned RiceStone Ground Baldwin Co. GritsBaked Potato (after 5pm)
House Made Cole SlawPub Fries
House Cut & Battered Onion Rings
House Made Potato SaladSteamed BroccoliRoasted Brussels Sprouts
Whipped Red Potatoes

Kid's Menu

10 & Under Only. Served with Fries & Soft Drink

Grilled Cheese$5.99
Chicken Fingers$6.99
Small Salad$3.99




T.P.'s Own Bailey's Brownie
Our Special Nut Brownie with Fudge Icing, surrounded by ice cream and real whipped cream, topped with melted hot fudge, Bailey's Irish Cream and toasted almond slices.
House Made Bread Pudding
A warm serving of House-made Deep Southern Goodness!!! With Buttered Rum Sauce.
Strawberry Sundae
Ice Cream topped with Whole Strawberries, whipped cream and toasted almonds.
Chocolate Sundae
Vanilla Ice Cream, topped with Hershey’s syrup, whipped cream and toasted almonds.
Creme Brulee
Traditional French custard with caramelized sugar.